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Our Beach

Wide spaces, relax, services and most of all the sea of Gargano await you in our private beach

If you’re looking for rest and relaxation on your holiday by the sea of Vieste, Hotel I Melograni is ideal because right in front of our resort you will find a large private beach, fully equipped with all that is needed for your stay here at the sea of Gargano to reach and exceed your expectations.

The beach is only 50 metres away from the hotel and can be accessed in complete safety from an underground passageway, with no need of crossing streets.

Private beach, but for everyone

The private beach of Hotel I Melograni is perfectly equipped for holidays to really be at everybody’s reach. The underground passageway has a special ramp allowing access to children’s strollers and to the disabled. A dedicated footbridge also helps to access the sunshades.

What kind of beach?

This is where you will probably spend most of your time, considering how beautiful the sea of Vieste is and how many services are available at our private beach: for example, a well-stocked snack bar which is also ideal for having quick meals without having to leave the beach.

The sand is thin and clear, and the seabed is low: children can play here in full safety, always under the watchful eye of our trusted lifeguard.

Furthermore, there are many sports, both in the water and in the open air, that can be enjoyed on the beach and for which you can even join personal and group courses from the instructors you will meet here at Hotel I Melograni, where between friendship, fun, relax and the most beautiful nature of Gargano you will understand the reasons for the success of traditional holidays in Puglia.

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